Instruction of Jakcom R3 NFC Module

Android Phone without NFC function


1.   If phone has no NFC function , it can edit this Rings NFC Module information, such as "Business Card ", " Graphic Message", and then share it to other phone which has NFC function.


2.   At the bottom of the crystal box has two QR codeScan the QR code of Edit icon to edit the information you want to shareScan the QR code of Eye icon to view the information you edited

After scan , please save this page to you browsers bookmark so that you can manage your shares at next time.





1.   If the ring has been used by other NFC phones and lost the default share page , you still can use that NFC phone to fix it ,just use any NFC phone s NFC function to write the Web link of Eye icon QR code into this Jakcom Rings M1 Module.