Instruction of Jakcom Smart Ring

Packing list:

crystal gift box, magic ring


Products description

The Jakcom smart ring is a Wearable electronic components, operate the mobile function and share the data by NFC wireless frequency communication technology , the functions of the advanced design as following: Private Note ,Screen lock ,APP lock, Quick start, share business card, share internet link, share the text and share online file. Original Health Module

can improve human performance effectively.  The product shape is designed according to the international popular elements, created by the pure medical titanium, no need to charge, high waterproof, and suitable for any people at any time.





Range to cover1.5cm

Work temperature-50~+80



Position with "I" is chip area, Position with "II" is the second chip area, different areas for the different functions of application ( put on correctly to ensure the Letter I or II is in the center of finger guarantee the best read-write function of each chip

And also inlay two Health Module below letter Iand II, It specially selects Cotopaxi volcanic magmatic rocks magnet and Korea Nano FIR energy stone , it can improve human performance effectively.


The first installation and connection


1.   Start the NFC function of mobile


2.   Download and install the smart ring app Jakcom Smart Ring from


3.   Click the icon of Jakcom Smart Ring


4.   All functions are divided to two categorises , Edit Task and Share info , Click category button to view function menu.


5.   Click EDIT TASK  and Use the Ring chip side which you want to edit to Touch your phone NFC signal area , so that you can login the menu to edit task of your Smart Ring

Special Explanation: please do not to clear this app in the system or third-party app setting , or else task will be invalid.



6.   Click Share Info,you are able to view or edit the Ring chip which you want.

Special Explanation: The cloud icon is online sharing ,it can share more information , but receiver phone needs to connect internet ; The disk icon is offline sharing, though it can not share a lot like online ,but receiver phone doesnt need to connect internet, it is easy to share in anywhere and anytime.



7.   Click the menu button of main page, you are going to set the ring task to be Empty or check History of it and so on.






Phone +86 400 806 7311    /   +86 136 2362 7373


1. Not sensitive on Samsung?

First of all, please confirm your phone is with original battery, and also originally-made back-case. The possible unsound Read & Write of the NFC device is due to that Note2 NFC antenna is on its back-case instead of battery and may become contact-insensitive after long time use. In case of that, we suggest to adjust the antenna contactor slightly out to make them tighter.


2. Model available?

Available for all of Android system mobiles with NFC.


3. This NFC device is locked as Read-only (cannot write in any data), how to deal with that?

Usage of other NFC Apps to operate this NFC device or touch high-band equipment may cause the chip locked, which needs to send back to factory to reboot for maintenance.


4. Click in App, and notify as please enable NFC?

1> You forget to enable NFC on your smartphone,

2> Your smartphone do not have NFC function.


5. The mobile NFC struck with no reaction?

Some smartphone with Android 4.1 4.4.2 may have Read-struck in reading NFC. If you happen to find that the NFC device cannot read or NFC doesnt work suddenly, please lock the screen for 20 seconds or so, disable and re-enable the NFC, or restart the smartphone, the problem is then solved.


6. The app got struck when moved or installed on SD card.

Due to the particularity of App data, please dont move the installation location after installation, in case of any unforeseeable error or struck.


7. Cannot install after downloading the App?

Please confirm your smart phone with Android system, then open Security Setting in Phone Setting, confirm to tick Unknown Source option.


8. Program Lock repeatedly restarts?

Try to stop the power-saving mode. Set operation not to clear this NFC App in the system or the other clear application. Dont operate many background programs (especially applications with Program Lock). Please try not to enable power-saving mode; set in the system or third-party app not to clear this APP; dont leave too many background Apps.


9. Program Lock stops work after the app is locked.

This is probably due to that the mobile system also clears our App while clearing the RAM, causing Program Lock invalidates. Therefore, please remember not to clear our app in the system or third-party app setting.


10. Notify as Error

This is mainly caused by abnormal signal reception, incorrect bar code or chips locked as Read-only. If it happens by accident, it is probably abnormal signal reception, not bar code or locked chip problem. The reason probability is that the user moves away this NFC device too quickly that the phone doesnt have enough time to write it. Please move away your NFC device after the screen display a tip or notification, because the immediate move on hearing indication tone may cause error, simply like you plug out your U-drive before its write is finished. The frequent contact of high-band equipment (eg. Microwave Owen) or other NFC App operation may lead NFC device to be locked.


11. Cannot use screen lock?

The highly customized android system may be not work with this functions.


12. Double lock with system screen lock.

Please set system screen lock to be Nonefrom phone settings ,so that can avoid double lock with this Smart Ring lock.


13. Choose open options

When you first use task of this app, the system will notify you to choose the way to open that, please choose the originally default apps of the system to open


14.Info of shareport can not be open?

Please dont use The third party browser to open it , try it on default browser again.